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I'm not such a well-versed writer or Oriter to deliver such long essays with complicated topics or extra-ordinary language.I see this as a platform to express our favourable or opposing views about the Social Issues alongwith a Space to root-up my Creativity..Expecting the Best Support from You Readers..

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Meaning of LIFE

Many ideologists and philosophers have made their own interpretations regarding what is life and what it is about.Well,as a free thinker,i feel that I have the responsibility to choke out another simple way of thought.For me,life is all about the judicious use of the available resources of livelihood within the given span of time,which we usually call as Life Time.It might not be appealing to all of you as such.But still it is a piece of my understanding.

Now..here is my expansion of the term LIFE..


Everyone's life is full of endless fantacies.Sorrows,Happiness,Problems,everything are fantacies..Not just fantacies..But intelligent fantacies..That is why we togetherly call them as LIFE.

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