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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Facebook or 'Face'book???


           It is not that much surprising that people in the modern world spend a good part of a day(well,approx. 7 or 8 hours) in the Social Networking Sites like Orkut,Facebook,Twitter etc.Many of them are of the opinion that such networks are contributing a lot towards the establishment & maintenance of social relationships round the world.Still it is really disgusting and disappointing that,the same members of the so called social networks are directly or indirectly supporting (in another way promoting) the De-humanistic attitudes of the modern capital world.
            I feel that the word 'De--humanistic' could take a broad gateway of numerous meanings which are unfortunately negative in nature.One broad sense of the word is that the term social networking itself is representing a hidden lobby or a mafia that concentrates the works on sexual abuse,mental harassment etc.Many such networks are trying to reduce man to a state of a machine.So I think the word De-humanistic is apt in all ways.
           Now as you all would probably know,the title itself points into the most popular social networking site of the present times-Facebook.Being supreme in the case of simplicity and friendly nature,Facebook stands a step higher than any other sites.Now a days,this site is becoming a good platform for information updation,social upliftment & personality development.But it is a shocking fact that the name is being mis-interpreted by some social culprits intentionally.It is a universal law that "even though the majority is for a truth,sometimes the minority of false-hood could win".Like that,the minority of mis-use in facebook is challenging the Facebook of Friendships in one or other way.Because of the ignorance of people,the personal images that are being downloaded and used for sexual abuse with the help of the intelligent technology called Morphing.So the time has come to make a careful re-thinking whether it is just the old Facebook or the new 'Face'book.

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