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Sunday, 28 October 2012

What if silence becomes a judicial principle?

It is highly disgusting to witness such a miserable situation in the God’s own country where the judging tables are becoming victims of ‘Silent Verdicts’. Huge variety of versions for a single case; diverse opinions on a single verdict. Orators always preach about our unity in diversity. But it is a question that where is this unity? The situation is getting worse in such a way that Kerala is being plunged into the path of an unlawful state. Citing the series of incidents such as the Ice cream parlour case, T.P Chandrasekharan murder case, Soumya murder case etc., as a malayalee, I feel myself insecure to live in this so called God’s own land. Silence is a basic rule during court procedures. But what if silence becomes a judicial principle?

Don’t be deaf and dumb in front of a civil society. Rise and Respond! 


I wonder about the miserable situation of the God’s own country, being driven by price hikes in all sectors of market. Let it be petrol, gold, food or anything like that. It is really sad to watch us from outside becoming silent victims of such irresponsible decisions of public as well as private authorities. I strongly feel that the situation demands a change from harthals to timely pressures and actions at the earliest. As a journalism aspirant, I assure my complete support, being aware of the duties of a citizen as well as a social individual.