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I'm not such a well-versed writer or Oriter to deliver such long essays with complicated topics or extra-ordinary language.I see this as a platform to express our favourable or opposing views about the Social Issues alongwith a Space to root-up my Creativity..Expecting the Best Support from You Readers..

Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Revelations about Life

          I don’t know where it all started. I don’t know how it developed its roots. I’m ignorant of how I was introduced to it. At first, it was only a door, being lighted up ‘indecently inside’. The door was opened and someone pushed me in-The lucky, called everyone. I didn’t know why I was so ‘lucky’. Yes, maybe a ‘lucky contestant’ of an unheard ‘competition’. Knowingly or unknowingly, I received awards and honors for exploring new phases in the competition. There were many people competing with me; but in different ways, roles, appearance etc. Why this diversity in the same competition? , I thought.

          Out of numerous questions, answers were few. Promotions were few, but transfers were huge. Sometimes, it feels like, there is equal distance from the beginning and towards the end (from the present).
          It was really shocking to know that the answer for all these confusions has been compressed to just four letters of the English language-LIFE- one of the most thrilling, complicated and fantastic competitions of all times.
          Today I know where I’m and I don’t know what comes next. But, in this endless ocean, if I’m told to make a choice, I would prefer crossing the ocean on the broken wood of the sunken boat rather than being betrayed in a luxurious ship.

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